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It contains avocado essence and gel type essence that can effectively keep moisture well, prevent skin aging, to create a avocado-like moisture skin. It is made of a special kind of natural fiber mask paper. The texture is even thinner and can be affixed to the skin surface better to transfer more mask essence to the bottom of the skin.

Product Feature:

Ø   Natural fiber mask paper: The mask is very thin with gentle nature. To use daily will not burden the skin.

Ø   Maximize moisturizing function: Contains three molecules of hyaluronic acid ingredients, so moisturizing function can play the ultimate. Not only to moisture the surface of the skin but also the skin inside directly.

Ø   Improve skin's relaxation: Three peptide components help to improve the skin's relaxation problem, hence, restore the elasticity and vitality of the skin.

How to use

1.     After washing your face, first use the toner to soften the skin.

2.     Take out the mask, paste on the face to cover the whole face.

3.     After 10 to 20 minutes, take off the mask, gently massage the whole face, so that the rest of the essence can be fully absorbed by the skin.


Avocado essence: Softening, moisturizing. Wheat seedling extract, rosemary leaf extract and Moringa seed extract: Conditioning the skin, Anti-oxidant and well keep moisture. Sodium hyaluronate: Moisturizing.

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