Ceramidin Body Lotion 350 ml
An ultra-moisturizing ceramide body lotion with liquid emulsion technology that is easily absorbed ..
Green Tea Balancing Lotion 160 ml
Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Lotion is made with green tea extracted from fresh green tea leaves ha..
Green Tea Balancing Skin 200 ml
This moisturizing product made with the fresh Jeju green tea keep the skin clear and moisturized fr..
Green Tea Balancing Skin Care Kit
A set of two moisturizing products made with the fresh Jeju green tea keep the skin clear and mois..
Green Tea Balancing Skin Care Kit+
Sample-sized versions of Innisfree's bestselling Green Tea Ba..
Horse Oil Cream 70 ml
With the use of the horse oil extracted in Germany, the damaged skin can be restored. The inclusio..
Jinyulhyang Special Set
Jinyul Balancer 150ml - Reduces the skin's moisturizing, moisturizing special nutritional balance ..
Olive Real Lotion 180 ml
A highly enriched hydrating lotion with nutritious organic olives to emulsify and fill in the skin ..
Perfect 9 Repair Lotion 160 ml
A fast-absorbing anti-aging lotion for nourishing your skin. A complete anti-aging lotion for 9 sy..
Premium Hydra B5 Lotion 120 ml
Premium Hydra B5 Lotion is a nourishing hydration lotion containing Vitamin B5 helps to enhance the ..
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