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A skin toner with Jeju sparkling mineral water that delivers rich mineral nutrition for skin that’s clear and filled like it's been soaked in a hot spring
1. Restoring the pH balance of the skin
Acid-balanced formula restores the skin’s pH balance after washing the face to keep it vibrant and healthy.
2. Contains 88.0% sparkling mineral water
Contains a high carbonic acid and nourishing mineral content from the sparkling mineral water found in Sanbang Mountain on Jeju to deliver hydration deep into the skin, like filling it with moisture from inside
3. Highly moist sparkling mineral water-based skin toner
This toner gives a feeling of sparkling mineral water and is absorbed fast to soothe the skin and help it absorb skincare products in the later steps of your skincare routine.
Jeju Sparkling Mineral Line provides deep hydration to the skin with carbonated minerals from the sparkling mineral water drawn from UNESCO Global Geopark-designated Sanbang Mountain on Jeju Island for skin that’s clean and filled with moisture like it's been soaked in a hot spring.
How to use
Soak a cotton pad with the product to wipe the face along the skin texture or take an adequate amount on your palms to apply over the face.

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