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·       Double functional premium serum for winkle improvement and whitening purposes
·       Snail cream contains spiral snail secretion
·       Can improve overall skin quality, effective anti-acne India, pox marks, scars, pigmentation, acne, whitening moisturizer, brighten complexion, shrink pores, anti-ocidation, to red blood, slow wrinkle, anti-sensitive, comprehensive stabilization effect            


        After use, the skin can become noticeably soft compaction, reduce fine lines, deep wrinkles and large pores can easily be improved, even the driest and allergic skin can be restored to a healthy natural state.
Usage: ater cleansing and toning water, take appropriate essence light coating to absorb and take full light coating of eye cream, then coated routines lotion/cream
How to use
For serum: take appropriate amount and spread the contents gently from the inside out along the skin texture
For eye serum: take appropriate amount and use your finger tip to PAD the serum around the eye area (do not rub)

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