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Water Bank Double Layering Oil  provide Abundant moisture obtained by combining polar opposites “oil and moisture” provides the effect of applying “moisture ampoule + oil” at the same time!

Effect of applying “moisture ampoule + oil” all at once!
The crystal droplets made of moisture and oil provide the effect of having applied both moisture ampoule and oil all at once by pushing moisture into skin and by wrapping the surface of skin upon contact.

Moisture-Roof™, the technology for skin’s optimal oil and moisture balance 
Moisture Roof™ realizes a moisturizing moisture film through which oil pushes moisture inside skin and wraps the surface of skin.

Hydro Ion Mineral Water – Small, fast water providing abundant moisture to skin
Laneige’s moisture water “Hydro Ion Mineral Water” fills skin with water as it is absorbed fast into skin

How to use:
Before use, be sure to shake the container fully (more than 10 times).
After using toner, lotion, and essence, dispense 4-5 droplets onto the palm.
Mix well with both palms and evenly apply on the entire face in a massaging motion.
With both hands, steadily press the face to promote absorption into s

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