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Eye cream that repairs damage and moisturizes the eye area. A deep-hydrating eye  cream that repairs damage and moisturizes the fragile eye area.


1. Moisturized and smooth eye area

2. Protects delicate eye area

3. Anti-wrinkle functional eye cream

- The advanced ceramide water strengthens the eye contours’ skin barrier, which is prone to dryness and damages. It helps keep the eye contour area moist and healthy.

- Tocopherol’s anti-oxidant effect smoothens  the eye contour area.


Skin Rebirth™

A technology that rejuvenates the skin through flavonoid component extracted from the galangal root that increases skin Energy


- Developed as an exclusive technology of LANEIGE for restoration with the inspiration from skin energy bio research of A*star in Singapore

Ceramide Water

- Ceramide Water which is core moisturizing factor of  Perfect Renew has been further upgraded to imitates skin barrier and thoroughly moisturizes skin , have a more powerful hydrating effect


How to use

Gently apply around the contours of your eyes with your ring finger and gently pat the skin to enhance absorption.

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