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Regenerator that sends energy into the skin with a rejuvenating effect for smoother and younger skin. Fresh oil Serum that boosts the youth energy of the skin for moisturized, smooth and radiantly younger skin.
- Developed using the Skin RebirthTM technology, it vitalizes skin’s energy to create a youthful Skin texture.
- the advanced ceramide water was Developed to be similar with the skin’s layer.  it also strengthens the skin’s barrier and helps keep it healthy and smooth.

- Restoration of damaged Skin
- Improve skin barrier
- Enhanced skin radiance with natural glow
- Improve appearance of fine wrinkles
- Enhanced skin Resilience
- Enriched moisturizing effec
- Keep skin texture smooth
- High concentration fresh oil type serum with light texture that easily absorbed for long –lasting moisturizing effect
Skin Rebirth™
A technology that rejuvenates the skin through flavonoid component extracted from the galangal root that increases skin Energy
- Developed as an exclusive technology of LANEIGE for restoration with the inspiration from skin energy bio research of A*star in Singapore

Ceramide Water
- Ceramide Water which is core moisturizing factor of  Perfect Renew has been further upgraded to imitates skin barrier and thoroughly moisturizes skin , have a more powerful hydrating effect

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