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The GongJinhyang Special Set consists of 6 products: In Yan Balancer, In Yang Lotion, Qi & Jin Essence, Qi & Jin Cream, In Yang Neck & Face Sleeping Repair and Qi & Jin Eye Cream.


Gongjinhyang In Yang Balancer
Inyang Balancer is an Oriental Herb Tonic that provides softness and moistness by supplying water essence to dry skin. Inyang Balancer maintains clear and firm skin.

Gongjinhyang In Yang Lotion
In Yang Lotion provides gloss and life to skin by supplying nourishment and moisture. By penetrating deep into the skin, In Yang Lotion keeps your skin clean and healthy.

Gongjinhyang Qi & Jin Essence
Gongjinhyang Qi & Jin Essence is an Oriental Herb Concentration Essence that contains Gongjin Bidan. The ingredients of Gongjin Bidan provide firmness and nourishment deep into the skin.

Gongjinhyang Qi & Jin Cream
Qi & Jin Cream is an Oriental Herb Nutritional Cream that protects facial firmness from the facial outline damage can be caused by the flow of time. A Secret Court ingredients nourishes skins with energy from the deep inside.

In Yang Neck & Face Sleeping Repair
In Yang Neck & Face Sleeping Repair is an Oriental Herb Overnight Pack that makes skin soft and smooth by the next day as this cream gets slowly and thoroughly absorbed into your skin.

Qi & Jin Eye Cream
Qi & Jin Eye Cream firms the skin around eyes that has thin layers of skin with more tendency to wrinkle. Qi & Jin Eye Cream solve the problem of wrinkles around eyes with excellent wrinkle free ingredients.

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