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One pack contains essences, masks and eye cream, designed for dry, rough skin and brings ultimate hydration. Follow these three step, you can achieve whitening, firming, deep moisturizing and eye skin repairing effect. The Ingredients include marine collagen, which is rich in amino acids and proteins, to bring the skin elasticity and moisture, comes along with the deep ocean water in Gangwon Province, five kinds of marine essence and pearl extract, to effectively and quickly enhance skin moisture, provides calming, moisturizing, whitening effect and creates healthy, radiant skin.


Product Features:

Ø   Step 1: The essence contains a variety of botanical essential oils and extracts, leaves your skin brighter and glow from inside.

Ø   Step 2: The mask is made of Tencel Curamet facial mask, which is non-irritation and soft, can be adhered to the face counter with continuously moisture and feeling comfortable.

Ø   Step 3: The unique composition of eye cream can compacts, brightens skin tone, make it more delicate and smooth.


How to use

1: Apply the serum to your face  

2: Put on the mask for15- 20 minutes. Remove the mask and pat remaining essence into your skin.  

3: Apply Eye Cream to your eyes and massage the remaining cream to whole face.



Marine collagen: Rich in amino acids and proteins, anti-aging, enhance moisture, elasticity and luster. Gangwon Province deep ocean water (kelp, seaweed, spines, seabuckthorn and reef membrane extract): Enhance the skin protective film and elasticity, moisturizing, firming. Pearl extract: To improve and brighten the complexion

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