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For “Egg skin” that can breathe
- The fine, smoothing powder provides full coverage to cover the small blemishes on the skin and it stays on for long hours without flakiness or discomfort.
Strengthens Skin Barrier
- With the reinforced complexity of functional skin care ingredients, it strengthens skin’s natural power and takes care of skin from deep within, while providing protection against the external environment.
Dual functioning formula (Whitening + UV Protection SPF35/PA++)
- It has a whitening effect that will leave your skin looking bright and radiant. It also offers UV protection to keep your skin safe.

How to use:
After your basic skin care routine, take a small amount and apply all over face and neck. Pat gently to absorb. When using sun cream, apply before BB cream. It is recommended that you re-apply 1~3 times if you are active outdoors for long hours.

Natural barrier Complex : Reinforced moisturizing barrier.
Paracress flower extract : Anti-wrinkle.
Nordenau water : Moisturization.
Oligo-HA : Moisturization.

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